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Armored Vehicle Armor Levels
At Diplomat Armored Rentals we have hundreds of armored passenger vehicles to choose from. Our fleet includes S.U.V.’s, sedans and armored luxury vehicles. All of our vehicles were built by some of the most respected armoring companies in the industry.

Bullet-Proof Cars??
There is no such thing as a bulletproof car.   When we use the term "Bullet-Proof" we are including it for Search Engine Optimization. As most people from outside the vehicle armoring industry refer to the as "bulletproof cars".

There's no such thing as a bulletproof tank. Let alone a bulletproof car.  

Ballistic Standards for Armored Vehicles
Over the years and across the world several different armoring certifications and standards have been developed and adopted by the Armoring industry.

Common Armor Certifications Are:
B4, B6, B7, BR6, BR7, B6 Class 3, BRV2009, ERV 2010, VPAM, VSAG, STANAG 4569, T25

Ballistic Standards for Armored Vehicles
The armored vehicle industry has also adopted quality control (QC) standards and certifications. QC standards demonstrate that the armoring company builds each vehicle model using the same build process and materials. This is very important. Without proper Quality Control, there is no way for a customer to know that the vehicle they purchased was built the same way as the vehicle submitted to be tested for the Armor Certs referenced above.    

​Common QC Certifications are:
ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 2008 

If you are interested in the physics of projectiles and engineering of armoring materials, the following articles contain a wealth of in-depth information. 

Ballistic Standards In-Depth Analysis
VPAM Ballistic Protection Reference Guide
Review of the Integrity of Armor Materials 

Armored Vehicle Protection Failure Analysis

At Diplomat Armored Rentals, we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of protection available. Our vehicles are from the most trusted and highly respected armoring companies in the world. 

Contact us for armoring specs and certifications for specific vehicles. 

Most of our Armored Vehicles have these basic armoring upgrades: 

Steel or Kevlar Protection in the door panels, Transparent Armor. Overlapping Protection, Run-flat Inserts, Armored ECU, Gas Tank & Battery. Upgraded Brakes and HD Suspension, Siren/Intercom, Fire Suppression System, Operable Front Windows.

B4 Armor

B4 Armor provides adequate protection against most pistol rounds. This is usually considered sufficient protection against most street crimes. 

A few luxury automakers even build B4 factory armored models for select markets.  

Examples include the BMW Security 5 and X5.

B6 Armor 
B6 Armor provides adequate protection against most large caliber rifles as well as grenades and shrapnel. 

B7 Armor is a very high level of armor that until recently was only used by Heads of State. Now it is often used in Afghanistan or other regions with IED attacks.


For more information on armor levels, ballistics, armor testing, and bullet physics be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow our "Ballis-Tips " Playlist.


"WAVES" is the Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System from Diplomat Armored Rentals.

WAVES makes it easy to Check Pricing, Confirm Availability, and Book Armored Vehicles online.

We have teamed up with the world's premier armored vehicle rental and car hire companies to create a comprehensive database of armored passenger vehicles available for rent.  WAVES makes renting armored vehicles simple.

WAVES Worldwide Armored Vehicle Enterprise System

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